10 Common Myths About Feminism

A lot has already been said about feminism and how it is changing the world, or at least aiming to. Whether you choose to be or not, you already are a part of this revolution. The sad part is, most people talking about it have no clue about what feminism really is. And, this is the point where we look back at what feminism is, and more importantly, what it is not before shunning it right away. It is ironical how a concept so progressive also happens to be one of the most hated words in the country– yes, feminism. So, here we are debunking the 11 most common (dangerous, rather) myths about feminism. This one goes to those pseudo-feminists who disguise their own unfair, matriarchal agenda in the name of feminism as it does for those who oppose feminism because they feel threatened by it, for all the wrong reasons, of course.

1.  Feminism Is Essentially About Male Bashing

1st (2)


2. Only Women Can Be Feminists

2nd (3)


3.   Feminists Are A Stuck Up, Crazy, And A Touchy Bunch

6th (3)


4.  Feminists Want It Easy

7th (3)


5. Male Feminists Are Men Against Their Own Gender

8th (3)


6. Feminists Cannot Be Stereotypically ‘Feminine’

9th (3)


7.  Feminists Don’t Believe In Marriages

10th (3)


8. Feminists Love All Women Alike

3rd (3)


9.  Feminism Is Detrimental To Men

4th (3)


10. Feminism Is The Fight For Power And Matriarchy

5th (4)





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