10 Great Icebreakers To Use At Any Party

Putting across a good first impression is vital to many, whether it is just to start a conversation with a new guy or girl you are attracted to or you want to get a training session off to start. A good ice breaker can help you make a memorable first impression. It can turn that first encounter into something meaningful for both personal and professional purposes. And parties being that one place where things can turn awkward in a split second, especially if you’re not sure how to make connections or even to start a conversation.

You could rely on the classic, “So what do you do?” But then you run the risk of coming off as the least interesting or original person at the party.

A bad conversation starter can turn any moment a disastrous. It can spiral out of control pretty quickly and at best be a terrible waste of time or worst embarrassment for everyone involved. After all you can only go so far with polite pleasantries; hence it’s always a great idea to mix up different ideas in order to engage people for a longer period of time.

  1. Hey, what’s your name?

A simple smile, a name and a confident handshake can sometime go a long way. Psychologist says people always have a thing for knowing how their name rolls off your tongue, makes them curious about how it sounds. Besides it is indeed, the easiest way to meet and greet.



hello10-great-icebreakers-to-use-at-any-party-12. I’ll be honest, the only person I know here is probably the bartender and I just met him two minutes ago. Mind if I make an addition in the list?!

Wit/ humor is always a good method to put the other person at ease, further gives you a head start for a lighthearted conversation.


3.Did you hear about …?

Current affairs are the most discussed topic at any party, people are always curious to know your opnions about anything and everything. Some may just do it to validate their own stand others may enjoy a light hearted banter, the topic always gets a conversation going.



Be it politics, world affairs or for that matter even entertainment, people love to discus thing around in a group. However, this can turn tricky at times, some harsh opnions can be offensive to many. Hence be sure to know your audience and if not then keep it light!


4.Did you catch the game?

Many people love to talk about sports.

If you spy a Cleveland Cavs cap in the crowd, go up the person and say something like, “Cleveland fan, huh? Did you catch the final game?”



Or if you are a sports fan and overhear a sports conversation, it’s not rude to step in and say, “Are you talking about …?” and voice your own opinion on the big game.

5.Great dress! Where did you get it from?!

If you genuinely like something someone is wearing, compliment them, everyone like a lil appreciation!


Not only will they be flattered, but you can also ask a follow-up question about where they got the item that could lead to a fun conversation. However, it advised to not fake it! People can easily sniff out disingenuousness.

6.Are you from around here?

Asking a question about their whereabouts is always a great conversation starter and a very safe bet because “it doesn’t feel like you are asking for a stiff elevator speech. The conversation will allow both parties to talk about them, which is the ultimate goal of when starting a conversation.


 7.Man, this party’s getting crazy. Mind if I join you over here where it’s a little quieter?

Find someone on the outskirts of the ongoing conversations and introduce yourself, says Coombs.


Since they are alone and possibly looking miserable, they are probably uncomfortable with the social situation, Coombs says. By initiating the interaction, you can help to put them at ease and get them in the flow of a conversation.

8.What did you think of this …?

Conversations flow around common experiences, so bring up the one thing you know you both have in common: What’s going on around you.

10-great-icebreakers-to-use-at-any-party-89.What do you do for fun when you’re not working?

Asking personal questions about people’s activities outside of work can help solidify a connection, Shan White. This can bring some levity and humor into the conversation while also letting you see what lights them up, what brings them real joy.


10.What’s your favorite part about what you do?

If you still really want to find out what the person you’re talking to does for a living, you could try spinning the question by asking what your conversation partner loves about their job or what’s the most memorable thing that happened at their job.


This also has the added benefit of keeping the conversation positive, which will leave people with a more positive impression of you.

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