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10 Legendary Artists Talk About What Art Means To Them

At this point in time, I’m very sure that we are all on the verge of learning, experimenting with different things, shaping our lives with a variety of things. We all want to discover our inner talents, explore the unknown in this world and make the most of our lives by absorbing as many things as possible and contributing towards humanity in a much better way.

For exactly that, we look for inspiration, mentors, advice and find ways of how we can fulfill our dreams and accomplish our life goals by being on the right path. All of us have some qualities in us that someone else doesn’t. Some of us figure that out at an early age while most of us are still trying to figure things out. Gen Y/Gen Z problems you see! However, amidst the conflict within us about what’s correct and what’s not, what’s better for us and what isn’t, we tend to lose focus.

But hey, don’t lose hope! Here are some wonderful quotes by giants of the Art world that’ll tell you the secret to success and will give you courage, to pursue your ultimate passion, your dreams:


creativity and experiment 2


creativity and experiment 4


creativity and experiment 5


creativity and experiment 6


creativity and experiment 7


creativity and experiment 8


creativity and experiment 9


creativity and experiment 10


creativity and experiment 11


creaviting and experiment 1

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    Wow, some serious stuff. Loved particularly what Andy Warhol had to say!

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