10 Reasons To Why Your Best-Friend Is Your Life-Line

No one understands you like your best friend. She is that one person who is not your family, is not obligated to love you and still loves you from the bottom of her heart. She is irreplaceable in each and every way and here are reasons why.

1. No matter how much trouble you’re in, she will be there holding your hand and guess what, she will take your side.


2. You can tell her absolutely anything and everything. You don’t have to think twice.


3. She will always hate people who you hate.


4. When sick, she might not be at your bedside, but she will always be there for you via texts and funny emoticons.


5. She will be the one who will make you drink wine at the end of a bad day.


6. And will hold your hair as you throw up after drinking so much wine.


7. She has been there during your awkward phases. Be it a weird fashion stage or the time you wanted to try out that accent, she supported you no matter what.


8. She understands your random mood swings and is always there for you.


9. She knows every person in your life. Even if she has not met that person, she knows them all, thanks to your detailed descriptions.


10. She loves you because you’re weird and also because you both are the same kind of weird.


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