Are you awkward and uncomfortable in most social situations? If so, you are sure to find humor in these comics by German cartoonist floccinaucinihilipilificationa. This funny artist has introverts pegged, as she relates perfectly to so many of the feelings you get whenever you’re trapped at a social gathering. For instance, when you say goodbye to someone but then start walking in the same direction, or when people constantly ask you, “Why are you so quiet?” As if you should ever have to answer a stupid question like that!

1. The Best Haircut For Hanging Out At Home


2. The Awkward “Yes” When The Question Doesn’t Call For A ‘Yes Or No’ Answer


3. What A Friendly Man… Oh.. Wait.. NVM…



5. Note To Self: Don’t Watch Horror Movies Alone… Make That, Don’t Watch Horror Movies

6. Anyone Who Thinks Getting A Cup Of Coffee Can’t Be Awkward… Think Again

 socially-awkward-comics-introverts-bees-1__7007. Why Do We Have To Hug And Shake Hands When We Come And Go Anyway?


8. I Would Like My Selfie… Oh Wait, I Already Did!

9. If I Had A Dime For All Of Those “Funny” Youtube Videos I Made People Watch…

10. Now What…?

11. Don’t Ever Ask Someone Why They Are So Quiet… Unless You Like Asking Questions That Make People Uncomfortable…

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Not sure


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