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11 Real Life Lessons Only A Heartbreak Can Teach You

You may have faced a heartbreak at some point in your life — the phase of sulking, crying, and cursing the world for what’s happened. It’s one of the strongest feelings that one can ever have. But no matter how difficult you find it to move on in life after a painful heartbreak, always remember that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Broken relationships can be awful, but losing that special someone in your life can teach you valuable lessons about life. Well, here we give you 10 lessons that only a ‘toota dil’ learns in no time after a heart wrenching breakup.

1. You will come out as a stronger, wiser, patient and happier person regardless of how wrecked your’e now.
1. Shahrukh Khan DDLJtumblr_njdmi3SIJV1si4xk8o1_r1_540

Bade bade deshon me aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hain senorita”


2. The world is full of opportunities, if you really want to grow and learn.
2. Priyanka

“Fighter kabhi haar nahi manta”


3. People make promises and sometimes they fail to keep it. There is nothing much you can do about it.
3.jab we met

Dil agar tootega nhi toh koi jodega kaise


4. Love and acceptance if not given freely are not worth having.

Kyunki pyaar kiya nhi jata bas ho jata hai…


5. You automatically become a better judge of people and circumstances in life than ever.

Because you are a #patakaguddi  after all ?



6.    The fact that we do not have control over certain things in life only makes it more interesting.

Life me oonch neech aate rehte hain. Jo unhe bhoolkar aage badhti hai wahi hoti hai asli queen


7. This phase of your life will let you discover your true soul mates for life.
11.Shahrukh Khan DDLJ

Mere paas dost hain. Tumhaare paas?


8. Every thing that we are going through is a part of a big thing called life. Relationships being one of them.heartbreak12

“Picture abhi baki hai mere dost”


9. Never be apologetic for choosing yourself first.
13. Samantha Jonesgiphy

“I. Me. Myself.”


10. Always remember “its not YOU its HIM”, own your individuality.
14. Kareena kapoortumblr_njmwf5HgFW1rwbf4ro3_r1_540

“Main apni favourite hoon”


11. You are SPECIAL. Unique, priceless, strong and lovable.  Give yourself to someone who treats you extraordinary.

Koi Pyaar Kare Tumse Kare, Tum jaise ho waise kare, tumhe badal kar jo pyar kare, who pyaar nahin , sauda kare aur Sahiba Pyar mein Sauda nahin hota…


Cheer up. Love is just around the corner! Kudos! :)

Gifs sourced from Tumblr and Giphy.

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