15 Gif’s That Explains A Day In An Entrepreneur’s Life

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job. While a lot of people in the corporate sector complain about the monotony of a 9-to-5 job, a typical work-day in an entrepreneur’s life is never-ending. Especially if you are a founder, working on a new idea that keeps you awake at night, well then, you gotta be a tough cookie. Weekdays and weekends all seem the same, and Mondays bring in more kick than Fridays.

The journey is nothing less than a roller coaster ride. We bring to you 15 GIFs, that will tell you all about a typical day in the life of a founder.

Disclaimer – We mean no harm, we all know the struggle of managing (read: juggling) so many things at once

Wake Up

Well entrepreneurs prefer working day and night and thus getting a complete 8 hour sleep for them is something which means nothing!

Check Updates

That’s the first thing they do after waking up! Check emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Trello, Slack, LinkedIn, to-do list, mails again, and news updates from your field

Rush To Work

Time to go to the battlefield and re-unite with the co-founder and the team

After a whole lot of catching up, there’s more – answer emails and get cracking with tasks

Busy Day, but the emotions after a lot of explanations to clients/investors/co-workers and team briefing

And then there are pre-lunch meetings

Finally A Small Breather – Lunch Time

The emotions when someone talks about work, while you’re finishing your lunch at the desk!

And then the sleep deficit entrepreneur is more like –

But, there are more tasks to be assigned, more work to be distributed and meetings and calls to attend, and more mails to reply

And then, the time when an employee asks you for ideas to work on a new strategy

When someone asks, “How do you manage to accomplish so many things in a day?”

After A Tiring 15-Hour Work Day

Finally, Time To Go Home!

Oh, And After Reaching Home The Work Doesn’t Stop

Check emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Trello, Slack, LinkedIn, emails again, next day’s to-do list…

At The End Of The Day

With the contentment of the things you have achieved, and the thoughts of goals to be attained

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