Everyone forgets things, and that’s perfectly alright. But there are those, for whom, life is really, really tough. They’re almost always stressing about remembering the littlest of things, but all in vain. If you fall in that category of people too, I can totally relate with all those little annoying everyday struggles you go through. Like:

1. If someone asks you to remind them of a task. You need another person to remind you to remind that person of that task.

Or, you set a reminder for reminding people. Times like these, you wonder why you can’t remember the littlest of things, and it’s not nice!

2. You constantly have to set alarms to remind yourself to do things.

You constantly have to set alarms to remind yourself to do things.

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3. You feel the need to constantly come up with excuses to cover up the fact that you forgot your friend’s birthday.

Even though, deep down inside, the guilt kills you. You know you’ve not really had a bad day, or your phone battery didn’t really die out.

4. Your refrigerator and kitchen cupboards are either short on or over stocked.

You either forget to re-stock or that you already have enough shampoos in stock to last you the next few months. Maybe, making a weekly list will help, if you remember, that is! 😛

5. You feel the need to respond to every text message, IM or mention on Social Media immediately, or you’ll forget to, later.

No matter where you are, or however busy you are, you’d rather make an effort to squeeze in time and respond to all those notifications, than be made to feel guilty by everyone else later.

6. Your excuses are taken seriously, but when you’re honest about having ‘forgotten’ to text/call back, nobody wants to believe it.

Seriously! The one time you decide to tell them the truth, they’d assume you purposely didn’t call or text them back.

7. Your monthly expenses are often much more than everyone else’s.

You end up buying new charger almost every month, since you keep on forgetting it everywhere. You’re just glad you haven’t lost yourself. Okay, bad joke.

8. You’ve been known to stand motionless in a room, because you can’t remember what you went in there to get.

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9. If it wasn’t for Facebook, you probably wouldn’t remember anyone’s birthday.

10. You often return from the supermarket without the one essential thing you went there to buy.

You often return from the supermarket without the one essential thing you went there to buy.

I mean it’s great you bought some chocolate for yourself, but toilet paper is kind of necessary.

11. And you always have to double check your house to check you turned the lights or oven off or for that matter whether or not you’ve locked the door.

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12. your first month in a new workplace/ college is your worst nightmare.

That’s if you even remember to go.

13. Running into old friends requires you to desperately try and remember what they’re doing with their lives now.

The CW

“Are you still with… John? James? Oh sorry, Jay.”

14. You’re likely to get in trouble with your partner for forgetting your anniversary date.



15. It takes you at least three months to get used to your new age after another birthday.

You’ve been agreeing with me, as you scroll down. But…

…wait, what? What’s this article about, again?

On a serious note, if your forgetfulness is troubling you too much, firstly, don’t stress. From experience (my own and of those around), I can tell, worrying too much only worsens things. I’ve started using a diary, so my poor recall doesn’t come in the way of my work. Also, running and meditation make a difference. It may take some time, but you’ll most definitely see a difference!

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