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26 GIFs To Teach You How Things Work

Here’s something you should know if you don’t already: human beings learn better through visual interpretation than any other form of learning like reading, rote or verbal explanation. When we visually interpret whatever information we come across, we automatically have an image to link that specific bit of information to. This explains why we take in so much more knowledge from television, cinema, the internet and any other form of audiovisual understanding, than say, from a book. The formation of audio-visual links, in fact, is often considered the reason certain people perform better at mental tasks than most others, and also explains why elements like PowerPoint presentations are used as tools to dispatch information.

So, anyhow, the world of GIFs makes it so much simpler to learn new things: Each of these GIFs teach you something new and interesting within in 10 seconds each:

1. Archerfish in action

2. Lightning strikes ground in slow motion

3. Three 90º angles on a curve

4. Birth of a snowflake time lapse

5. Refraction of light through different mediums

6. Manufacturing a fence

7. First footage of a Black Sea Devil

8. Experiment on International Space Station

9. Oscillation of a mechanical fan

10. How strawberries form

11. Volcanic explosion in Papua New Guinea

12. Working of a sewing machine


13. Kinesin protein walking on microtubule

14. Rosetta Mission’s path around the solar system

15. Propulsion through alcohol-ignition in a water can

16. Resetting of bowling pins

17. Green screens and Photoshop, ladies and gentlemen!

18. The evolution of a turtle’s shell

19. A bowling ball and a feather float evenly in a vacuum

20. Construction of the International Space Station

21. Using chewing gum wrapper and battery to ignite a flame

22. The lock and key mechanism

23. Wifi signal intensity in an apartment

24. Annual seasonal transformation on Earth

25. Working of a paint ball gun

26. How a universal coupling / U-joint works

What are your favorite types of GIFs? Let me know in the comments section!

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