#CheckList: 10 Clear Ways To Know That He Is Only Into Sex

You meet this amazing guy, and the chemistry you share with him is beyond exciting. You want to spend every second of every day with him. Your sex life has never been better. But something is missing in this equation — something meaningful. You try to have good conversations with him, you try going to places with him, but he always finds a way to brush you off.

Before you get disappointed, here’s how you find out if he only wants sex from you.

1. He only texts you after 1 A.M. If you get a text from him after midnight, it’s a booty call. He’s not interested in hanging out with you, because he just wants to get


2. He doesn’t like making plans with you. When you call him over to watch movies with you, he doesn’t really want to watch movies because he has ‘Netflix and chill’ on his mind


3. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends. This is a clear giveaway that he’s only interested in sleeping with you.

what's your name again

4. He doesn’t like you sleeping over. He makes sure you don’t crash at his place after sex and always finds a way to make you leave. He also doesn’t sleep over at your place and leaves as soon as the deed is done.

please leave

5. He hasn’t taken you out on a date. And if he asks you for a date, it’s always at your place or his place and always involves sex.

i just wanna bang

6. He’s always too busy to talk to you. He doesn’t lend his shoulder when you need some emotional support, and ghosts your texts and calls by saying he’s too busy.

i've got plans on my own

7. He always initiates sex. Even if you’re just hanging out at your apartment, he’ll try to initiate sex. If you try swatting his hand away, he’ll get distant and leave your place.

lets have sex

8. He only compliments your looks. He never calls you beautiful or smart. The only compliment you hear leave his mouth is how hot you are or how that dress makes you look sexy.

you're so hot

9. He only flirts with you. He isn’t looking to have a casual or intelligent conversation with you. All your conversations, in some way, turn into sexts.


10. He always heads for the bedroom. He doesn’t greet you with a hug, a kiss on the cheek, or even a peck on the lips. He’s always eager to get down to business.


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