AAP Anti-woman character exposed

An Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) female activist allegedly committed suicide in New Delhi after consuming a poison. The reason behind the suicide is quite disturbing and regretful for our (supposedly) women-empowering soceity.

Soni, resident of Narela, had accused a party colleague Ramesh Vadhwa of harassing her mentally while demanding sexual favors and mentioned in her police complaint filed in June. She had gone into deep depression due to his constant mental torment. She even met AAP leader Dilip Pandey for the same, but her vexes did not end.

A magisterial probe into the matter was being ordered by the Delhi government. The family members of the deceased claimed that she went into trauma after her alleged molester was released on the bail.

It is found that AAP leaders deliberately ignored her harassment complaint. It is averred that it is the real face of the AAP and surfaced anti-woman character of the party.Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and MLA Sharad Chauhan are responsible for her death who shielded the culprit.

It is not the first incident as more than six cases have been filed against AAP leaders for misbehaving with the women. AAP leader Kumar Vishwas held accused of molesting and physically assaulting a woman. As per the recent reports, FIR is filed against AAP MLA Somnath Bharti for provoking men to misbehave with women. He had been accused of an attempt to kill his wife Lipika Mitra and intruding cruelty on her in a domestic violence case.

Is this kind of protection to women AAP claimed to render before coming into the power? Why every time a woman is to suffer the pain of loss of dignity? Mr. Kejriwal, how will you justify a poor girl’s suicide? Will you still blame it to the Central Government or Modi?

This is an utmost brazen act of AAP people as this suicide can be precluded, but they made no efforts in regard. After the administrational failure in Delhi, AAP is now heading to Punjab to repeat the same. The party is proving its disgrace to those who voted for them once.

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  1. “Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men”, as quoted by Joseph Conrad, is an explicitly wonderful example to demonstrate the vulnerability of women.

    Ever since a female is born, she has to equip herself for the challenges ahead of her in the world, everything that constitutes a female is very important; when she is little, she has to be a good, beautiful, obedient daughter and sister, who has to have the best conduct; as she grows her responsibilities of being the most respectable asset of her clan, grows. And so do the other odds.

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