AAP completely shattered after Infighting in Punjab

The Aam Aadmi Party is struggling hard to sustain the political pressure in Punjab ahead of forthcoming Assembly elections.

The rising infighting in the party constitutes the prime cause of worry. The senior party leaders in AAP trade charges of corruption in ticket distribution.

After gaining the substantial momentum in Punjab politics during the past months the AAP has suffered a major blow. The leaders are accused of corruption, frauds and sex scandals.

The troubles of the AAP in the state have been multiplied after the removal of its eminent and Punjab convener Succha Singh Chottepur. It led to high clashes between pro and anti Kejriwal supporters. It has brought to the forefront the scuffle for power within the party. And this is not the first instance that the allegations have been raised by the party leaders against their own people.

Such incidents have put the party in a bad light. Chhotepur was discontented over the selection criteria of candidates. Reportedly, he was not allowed to meet Arvind Kejriwal over the final list of candidature. AK crafted a conspiracy against Chhotepur to remove him for the party convener ship.

The Punjab Congress leader Captain Amarinder Singh has also condemned the dirty tricks and antics recurred by AAP leaders from UP, Delhi and Haryana against Chhotepur who devoted his heart and soul in nurturing the party since the day one of its conception in Punjab.

The once supporters of AAP in Punjab believed that such incidents demoralized the party cadre to great extent. It is due to which people lost their interest and faith in the AAP.

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