AAP’s drunk parliamentarian comes up with a new agenda

The parliamentarian of AAP from Sangrur constituency Bhagwant Mann has come up with a new initiative of eradicating the drugs problem in Punjab by starting the 24-hour toll-free helpline to report on drugs.

Mann was addressing a rally held at Baba Bakala on Thursday and this time the crowd puller failed to attract the huge crowd, chairs remained vacant during his address.

The AAP MP come out with his new agenda to woo the voters and despite knowing the proper facts about the drugs in Punjab he promised a 24-hour toll-free helpline number to report on drugs.

Mann was ignorant about the fact that already the government of Punjab is running a toll-free helpline number for the report on drugs and a separate Narcotics Control Bureau is working in this regard.

How come a person who is a member parliament can come out with a stupid plan of telephonic helpline as he doesn’t know the modalities and technicalities to make his promise a practical shape?

It is impossible for a party who is not in the power to implement such helpline and the party has no power to take any punitive action against any wrongdoers if they receive any call from the helpline. However, the Punjab Police is
already having the toll free helpline for reporting on drugs.

Without knowing the legalities and modalities for the implementation of such scheme, Mann boasted that he promised the people to launch the helpline. During the rally, the chairs remained vacant as people were hardly bothered to hear Mann’s speech.

Questions are raised on the credibility of AAP Parliamentarian who has been facing the allegations of attending parliament session under the influence of liquor. Even the parliamentarian of AAP submitted a written complaint
to the speaker of Lok Sabha that his seat changed as Mann stinks of alcohol.

Mann was caught red handed by the people when he reached in a religious ceremony and he was drunk at that time. People caught him red-handed and forced to leave the ceremony in the middle. The AAP MP has played the cheap politics to woo the people as he is left with no big political stunt.

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