AIB Manages To Crack us up Again With These Hilarious #GameOfThrones memes!

Game Of Thrones is back with Season 6 after a long, long time and of course, we couldn’t be more excited about it. What we aren’t so excited about? The insane amount of spoilers we’re going to be faced with before we even get a chance to watch it. So, here’s something that WON’T spoil the new season for you – and still remind you of how awesome GOT really is! Plus, like always, AIB manages to crack us up with these hilarious #GameOfThrones memes!

1. Because, well, who DOESN’T own a pair of Lux Cozy inners? :P

game of thrones memes 8

2. Kyunki “Fairness” is just so valuable in our country!

game of thrones memes 5

3. Because who hasn’t had a class teacher say to them at least once something along the lines of “You know nothing, John Snow”!

game of thrones memes 2

4. And, of course, badhte baccho ke liye… Complan hai na!

game of thrones memes 6

5. If only HIT was this effective against our real-life enemies too…

game of thrones memes 4

6. Because sometimes we DO wonder whether the world could have done without some people…

game of thrones memes 1

7. We all know those couples…you know, where we look at them and wonder “WHY are they together again?!”  

game of thrones memes 3

8. Because #GameOfThrones has put an all new spin to the “Rakhi Bhaiya” concept. :P

game of thrones memes 7

Images: All India Bakchod on Facebook

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