Amitabh Bachchan Became The Voice Of Indian Women’s Silence

Amitabh Bachchan is all set paint the town Pink- stirring, empowering message for women upcoming movie with actress Taapse Pannu. With his movie just around the corner to get released the legend is truly involved with the said issue.

in collaboration with Culture Machine’s digital channel Blush Big B comes out with an empowering video, addressing the patriarchial, condescending attitude towards independent woman in the wake of deeply ingrained prejudices in our society!

In the video, Amitabh Bachchan becomes the impetus voice of all Indian women, in the narrative of “Ab Samjhauta Nahin” which aims to inspire every woman to say no to a life full of compromise.

The video is indeed, a social attempt to urges and encourages women to stop accepting any biases in the name socially acceptable norms and empowers them to live a life equal to their male counterparts. It features women from all walks of life who are facing an inner conflict with their real emotions.

Everything from societal pressures, to marriage, to professional unfairness is addressed in the video.

Mr. Bachchan said

“A right can never be silenced. It’s very important to voice your opinion and believe in yourself. This belief is lost somewhere; we aim to revive this trail of thought in our latest video. Vivel was the best brand to partner with for this video as the concept is a perfect blend with their brand ideology”

“Meeting mein red lipstick lagayegi? Are you mad?”

“Mummy ji ki roti gol, papa ji ka paisa gol!”

“Bas yaar one more year of work and then marriage and settle down.”

As Big B’s baritone voices these statements, you cannot stay unaffected…so, pause everything right away and say no to compromise!!

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