Priyanka Paul is a 17-year-old visual artist from Mumbai, she recently came up with a series of illustrations of Goddesses. She turned Goddesses from various cultures into fierce modern women and that is not all, these Goddesses are feminist and with a cause they support.

Meet the Goddesses!5

1. Isis: Egyptian Goddess Of Health And Wisdom

New-Age-Isis is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and is a health and fitness freak. But she fore mostly believes in truly loving your body. She’s against body shaming and all for self-love. 



2. Hera: This Greek Goddess is the patron goddess of family, women,childbirth and marriage

New-age-Hera’s on her university’s debate team and can be found on various social platforms arguing on women issues. She’s also loves sculpting (not just her face)



3. Eve:

She’s in medical school and wants to be an orthopedic surgeon. Strong supporter of female empowerment and against wage gaps. Oh, and she loves apple pie and gardening.



4. Amaterasu: Japanese Sun Goddess

She’s a huge fan of J-pop and Sakura icecream. She’s a supporter of the Free The Nipple movement and loves sushi.



5. Kali

Tumblr Kali is a badass brown girl. Loves graphic t-shirts and piercings.
She’s against misogyny and sexism and quite literally slays.


Check out Priyanka Paul’s art work on her Instagram Handle @artwhoring

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