Are children of politicians above the law?

The news about the coldblooded killing of Aditya Sachdeva, a 19-year-old class 12 student by the son of ruling party leader in Bihar has sent shock waves across the country. Aditya had to pay a huge price for overtaking the SUV driven by Rocky Yadav whose father is a JD (U) leader and mother MLC of the same party. It might seem like return of lawless practices in state, but this incident cannot be passed of as isolated case confined only to Bihar.

There are many incidents in the past, which draw interesting parallels and throw some light on the problem related to children of politicians and influential people taking crime in their hands. Everyone knows about Jessica Lal murder, a Delhi based model who was shot dead by Manu Sharma, son of wealthy businessman and Congress leader, Venod
Sharma. Murder of Nitish Katara, a Delhi based 25 years old business executive was another case to hit the headlines few years back. Nitish was brutally killed by Vikas Yadav, son of a criminal turned politician, D P Yadav. Interestingly both of these incidents are loosely linked as Vikas Yadav had accompanied Manu Sharma to crime
scene when that latter had killed Jessica Lal point blank.

Nexus between crime and politics
It is often said that crime and politics go hand in hand and nexus between politicians and criminals is not a new phenomenon to Indian democracy. Criminals provide the necessary money and muscle during election time to politicians and in many occasions they are shielded by state to carry out their nefarious activities.

The criminal justice system of India has inbuilt structural delays which allow a convicted person to go on appeal and continue to live like a free bird. As a result conviction rate in India is abysmally low.

Are children of politicians above the law?
Manorama Devi, Janata Dal United MLC and mother of Rocky Yadav is desperately trying to steer her son away from the controversy. She claimed that her son Rakesh Ranjan Yadav alias Rocky was being framed in the road rage case and alleged a political conspiracy in the matter. Every time a politician’s son is involved in any nefarious crime, state machinery is attempted to manipulate to safeguard the accused. These young brats get a feeling that if you rich and powerful then you are virtually above the law.

Political immorality is the root of all misdeeds happening in public life. The ethical code of conduct is applied to others and not to oneself and rules are only meant for people at large, keeping politicians and their wards outside the purview of law. In the recent Bihar road rage incident, a peep into the life of Rocky Yadav reveals
how rules of law were mended as per his convenience.

He had produced an acknowledgment from National Rifles Association of India (NRAI) to proclaim himself as “renowned shooter”. The NRAI comes under the Union sports ministry and he was granted the arms license under sports quota.

While experts believe that road rage is a serious psychological problem, the issue here is even much serious. People losing their temper on road, is common affair but the power associated with money and authority often drives them crazy. And, in case of Rocky, he couldn’t bear the fact that a humble Maruti car worth Rs five Lakh had
overtaken his Range Rover worth one crore.

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