Arvind Kejriwal Get’s Pulled Up By Delhi-Based NGO

In what was an eventful meet at the central park of Connaught Place, New Delhi, furious with AAP’s false promises, a Delhi based organization, ‘Delhi Study Group’ put up an exhibition with posters exposing party’s false promises and tall claims.

It was strategically placed in a part of the city wherein passerbyer’s could all be reached out to. Gladly, for the exhibition- it was well tended to and people drew in large numbers as they not only were convinced by the messaged but also empathized with the concerns put up on the banner. The posters mostly comprised of mockery at the promises made by AAP.

Delhi based organisation exposes Kejriwal’s lies1

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener and Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal had kicked off his poll campaign in Delhi on a slew of populist promises like free water, free WIFI, subsidized electricity etc. AAP manifesto seemed to have clicked an emotional chord as reflected by the outcome of Delhi assembly elections but later, left the voters deeply disillusioned with government failing to deliver all major pre-poll promises.

Most of the people interviewed at the event called the CM names which resonated with him as being not just an irresponsible leader, but also an “empty vessel” that made a lot of noise before the elections and following the usual pattern- fizzled out.

Delhi based organisation exposes Kejriwal’s lies

Interestingly, AAP has come up with exactly same promises in Punjab ahead of elections. Many feel that Kejriwal’s election manifestos follow this vicious cycle and one must not pay much heed to the words that come from that man.

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