Awaaz-e-Punjab flip-flop continues

Awaaz-e-Punjab is looking at a political tie-up to contest elections in Punjab. Navjot Singh Sidhu led front seemed to be “bargaining for the best deal”.  Awaaz-e-Punjab has been formed as a “non-political” front, but now it seems to be looking at the prospects of forging an alliance with the Congress or the AAP, while ruling out the possibility of joining a fourth front.

Awaaz-e-Punjab seems to be bargaining with two political parties for getting the best deal to work with. Punjab Congress Chief Capt Amarinder Singh said the party was not in contact with representatives of Awaaz-e-Punjab. If the common minimum programme fits into their programme, the Congress party will welcome them.

However, Awaaz-e-Punjab made it clear that it was open to an alliance with the Congress or the AAP in Punjab, but it will not align with the Congress party led by Capt Amarinder Singh. They would not have any political relationship with Amarinder for his dubious and behind-the-curtain deals with the Badals.

As per the sources, Awaaz-e-Punjab would gain nothing out of this demand. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has stayed distant to the proposal of an alliance with Sidhu, who had attacked the party while launching the ‘Awaaz-e-Punjab’ front.

Awaaz – e- Punjab issued a statement saying, “Politics is a mission, not a profession. This is a war between right and wrong. They will be on the right side and back Punjab”. Keeping in view the current fluid situation in the state, they did not want to float a political party and divide the anti-incumbency vote, which would only help the ruling SAD party. Awaaz – e- Punjab had been fighting against the Badals for some time, and now the forum leaders were united in their fight.

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