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Badass Illustrations challenging the patriarchal view of women in our society!

Cécile Dormeau, a French illustrator living in Germany, who creates drawings with the perfect balance of lols and relatability. Creating animated GIFs and illustrations, Dormeau’s work in an inspiration for other women to feel great about themselves –irrespective of their shape and size.

While Dormeau’s work is known for its body-positive message, her art highlights other topics such as sexual harassment. Dormeau’s humorously drawn illustrations bring important topics to light, which she says helps readers relate to and share her work.

She draws a lot of inspiration for her work from the patriarchal view of women in our society. she says “our society is obsessed by the how you should look, I just want to draw girls how they look,” she begins. “Some girls are skinny, others are fat, some girls have big bellies, some girls have small boobs, and sometimes we are hairy. Yes, it’s normal to have flaws. Yes, it’s normal that we all don’t look the same. The more we will say this to people, the more we will move forward towards self-acceptance.”

“As the media show us that our appearance is the only thing that seems to matter, my illustrations are a way to say to self-conscious girls, ‘move on girl, because you’re worth much more than that’. Being great is more important than being perfect!” Take a look at some of our favourites below.

























Head over to Dormeau’s Tumblr or Instagram to see more of her work. 

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