#BeTheBitch: Shurti Hassan Redefines The Word Bitch in her new powerful video

There are lots of words in English language which could be used to define strong, independent, ambitious women however, bitch isn’t one of them. In fact, we always considered it to be a derogatory term, an insult especially for women who are ballsy and are out of your reach.

However, this stunning southern sensation, actress Shruti Hassan, daughter of very versatile legacies Kamal Hassan and actress Sarika, pleas you with her head strong meassage to “be a bitch”

In collaboration with youtube channel “BLUSH”, a platform know to churn out content focused on women’s issues, shruti Hassan redefines the term Bitch in the best way ever. “Be the Bitch,” written and narrated by Shruti Hassan, sees her going about her day owning the word ‘bitch.’

Commonly considered a taboo and an insult reserved for strong, independent, ambitious women, the word bitch appears written all around Shruti Hassan’s surroundings — from the cover of a magazine titled “Bitch” to the sink and the tag on her jeans to her keychain. Shruti Hassan defines the word in her own special way.

“Bitch is the verbal eye-roll you make to classify any woman who is not your cup of tea, because she refuses to pour it,” Shruti Hassan says in the video.

She goes on to elaborate more, one line at a time: “The bitch is a teacher who stands against a system. / The bitch is pure ambition with hormones. / A bitch can’t always be nice, but she may be the kindest. / A bitch loses sleep for kids, but she dreams for herself. / The bitch wears what she likes. / A bitch is a stud with boobs.”

She makes it a point to pay attention to the women you call a bitch. In the video description, she leaves you with this thought: “She’s a woman who’s too difficult for you to handle. She’s a woman who has the balls to object to your opinion. So next time when someone calls you a bitch, own it.”

Watch the video here:

So, the next time you calls you a bitch just remember its not an insult it’s a compliment because,“ a bitch is pure ambition with hormones.”

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