Bhagwant Mann doesn't deserve the coveted position of Member Parliament

Bhagwant Mann doesn’t deserve the coveted position of Member Parliament

The incumbent member parliament from Sangrur, Bhagwant Mann who caught in the new controversy for putting a self-made video of Indian parliament on social media has now something different to say about his foolish act. Mann, who has tendered an unconditional apology to the speaker has now casually remarked that he did not know that it will become such a big thing.

The AAP parliamentarian had won the general election from Sangrur Lok Sabha seat by a margin of more than one lakh votes. People of Sangrur constituency had trusted the comedian turned politician as they thought he would raise their voice in the parliament.

However, the childish attitude parliamentarian was always under the scanner for his controversies during all the sessions. After committing such a biggest blunder, which could be a threat to the security of parliament now said that he did not know the consequences of the video downloaded on social media.

He made the video with his mobile for 12 minutes entering into the parliament despite knowing the fact that it’s one of the major places on the hit list of the terrorists. In 2001, the attack on Indian parliament had stunned the
country and the cops sacrificed their lives fighting against the terrorists.

He has forgotten that he is bearing a major responsibility on his shoulders as a parliamentarian but he always creates controversies instead of working for his own constituency. Is this tolerable when a parliament act like a kid?

When he is facing the controversy of filming the parliament video, he has faced another controversy now. The suspended AAP parliamentarian, Harinder Singh Khalsa complained to speaker to change his seat as Mann he couldn’t bear the smell alcohol.

A written complaint has been given by Khalsa to the speaker for changing his seat. It is not for the first time when Mann faced such allegations. Earlier he was accused of coming to religious function in drunken state.

Such behaviour by a parliamentarian is not acceptable and he should not deserve to be a parliamentarian anymore. First, he compromised the security of the country’s prestigious law making institution and later said that he did not know that the matter will blow up to this extent.

The representative of the public should act like a responsible politician whose major task is to raise the voice of his constituency people in parliament.

It is for the first time in the history of Indian parliament when a parliamentarian has shown this kind of child like behaviour and disrespected the parliament. Such parliamentarian have no right to represent people in the parliament.

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