Book Lovers Paradise: 10 Amazing Bookstores To Travel To Around The World

Some people will tell you that it’s books, not dogs or diamonds, that are a man/woman’s best friend.  And who doesn’t want to spend some time with their best friend or around them? Here are places around the world you will mark as a safe haven on your list to travel to if you are a true book-lover

1.Library Acqua Alta, Venice


If you thought Venice topped itself up with gondolas, wait till you visit this bathtub-decor featuring bookstore by Mr. Luis Frizzo. It is situated right in the heart of a rowboat and opens to one of Venice’s famed canals. Plus, there are a group of cats sitting atop piles of books to judge you.

2. Shakespeare and Co., Paris


For as long as I have known the existence of this bookstore, I have wished on the stars for a ticket to Paris. Not only do you get hallways upon hallways of books but also the chance to nap among them.

3. Livraria Lello and Irmao, Porto


For every HP fan in the house, this baby may seem pretty familiar. If you’d like a stairway straight to Borge’s library, you may begin with these red carpeted angels.

4. Book Fountain, Rome


Piazza Navona boasts of a book fountain so wonderful that you might just yell out “Hallelujah”. If there is a better way to appreciate book-loving folks, I’d like to see it, please.

5. Hay Castle Bookshop, Hay-On-Wye, UK


This English town is giving me some serious reading goals. With only 1500 inhabitants, it boasts of 24 bookshops! Yep, and the one above is an open air book-lounging-scourging place for all the fictional-non-fictional hearts.

6. Book Benches, Istanbul


Istanbul, Turkey is worthy of being traveled just as it is. But if your bookish soul needs some temptation, here are book benches lined across just for some linguistic pleasure. Thank me later.

7. Boekhandel Dominicanen, Netherlands


I’ve given up trying to pronounce this one right. Known currently as Polare, here’s my dream library come to life. Three stories of books in an abandoned-gorgeous church with elevators, stairs and stained glass windows is ALL a good life could spell out to be.

8. Plural Bookshop, Slovakia



When you have a wide-a** staircase aligned with shelves and shelves of books, you don’t need bae. Get out your book-dragon and devour story after story without worrying about the clock.

9. Bookworm, Beijing


Can we respect the fact that this is the prettiest one on the list? Thank you. Also, how amazing would it feel reading right under paper lanterns. Imagine. Okay, bye.

10. Cafebreria El Pendulo, Mexico City


For those who like their green, here’s the best spot to cuddle up with a book. You could sip on a mojito, watch a live concert and engage in ficitonal world conversations, your call.



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