Nike Breaks yet Another Stereotype By Featuring A Transgender Athlete for its Ultimate Courage campaign

While we are still reveling and grooving to Da da ding, Nike has already come up with another groundbreaking ad featuring Chris Mosier for its Ultimate Courage campaign, a transgender athlete, who was chosen for Team USA for the 2016 World Championship. Chris is a triathlete who began participating […] Read more

Bollywood Throwback: Re-living The Magic Of Swinging Sixties Through Our Beloved Iconic Beauties!

Bollywood and fashion has a long-standing relationship! They have always taken inspiration from each other. Sixties in Hindi films heralded colours on-screen. The classic black and white was passé and colours exploded on our screens. Where Bollywood has a larger-than-life presence, Everything looked vivacious and beautiful, as did […] Read more