Changing colors of politicians switching parties

Ahead of any major elections, party hoppers switching the ranks from their parent party becomes a norm. Highly flexible in their facade, political turncoats surely can fit into any robe. At the same time, these ‘seasoned’ politicians pose themselves as a serious contender in case a political party is unable to find leaders from its own ranks.

This is exactly the case with Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Punjab. Desperate to make a mark in upcoming assembly elections in Punjab, AAP is offering all sort of sops to pull turncoats from all other political parties. As a result, it has virtually become a junkyard of dissidents and rebel politicians.

This phenomenon has another important side to it – the leaders who are wary of getting seat from their parent party, switch sides and often they are able to bargain well in that process. All ticket seekers are now flocking AAP in horde. Majority of the leader switching to AAP have no credible background to boast off and ironically many of them face crimanl charges.

Latest politician to make waves in the AAP camp in Punjab is cricketer- comedian tuned politician, Navjot Singh Sidhu. While Sidhu is hoping for a plump position or perhaps be the CM face of AAP in Punjab but his personal views about AAP in past have come haunting now.

Sidhu has always been highly crictical of AAP since its formation and now his old speeches poking fun at AAP supremo and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal are getting viral on social media. Known more as comedian, Sidhu lacked political credential but now this has further dented his public image.

Desperate for short term gains, defector waste no time in switching sides without thinking about long term effect on their polictical career. Political jargons like ‘horse trading’ were quite common in past but anti-defaction law has coined a new term ‘poaching’ ahead of elections. In case of Sidhu hopping to AAP ahead of elections, who will be the bigger ‘looser’ only time will tell.

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