Check Out #WeMeanBusiness with Meeta Makhecha- The Flour Works

As we sit at the cusp of the USA getting its first woman President, India is not far behind. Actually, in a way we were far ahead right? After all, we had Jhansi ki Rani and Indira Gandhi leading forces much before most “developed” nations had women leaders.

But somewhere along the way, we fell behind. Not because we didn’t have women leaders and role models, but because we didn’t have enough of them. They were exceptions to the rule, not the norm. And this, for no good reason, since the same attributes that have traditionally made women the core pillars of their households also make them excellent business leaders.

Their high emotional quotient – incredible tolerance, resilience, perseverance, ability to understand and manage people, and ability to multitask, and make decision from both the heart and the head give them a unique edge over the male counterparts.
And this is being recognized in our country. Fast. Not only do we now have inspiring corporate role models such as Indra Nooyi, Chairperson and CEO of Pepsico, Chanda Kocchar, CEO and MD of ICICI Bank, and Anamika Rashtrawar, CMO of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, but our buzzing startup ecosystem also has several successful examples – Valerie Wagoner, founder and CEO
of ZipDial, Richa Kar, founder and CEO of Zivame, and the young Aditi Gupta, co-founder of Menstrupedia.

Meeta Makhecha, restauranteur and owner of The Flour Works, is one such entrepreneur making her mark in Pune’s culinary scene. In the video below, she shares her journey of finding herself, and founding her business with Bajaj Allianz’s #WeMeanBusiness campaign, which is recognizing and giving exposure to women professionals around the country. I’m sure many of you will be able to relate to Meeta’s struggles of coming from a conservative family, putting herself through school, and having a hard time balancing her personal and professional life. What stayed with me after watching the video was the humility in her voice despite the years of hard work, wisdom, and success.

Meeta proudly says, “I may be a woman, but I can run a business as well as any man, sometimes even better than men 😉 We are smart, we are bright, we have a mind, and I think we have arrived. You have one life to live your dreams…. live it!

Have a dream? Watch the video, and get inspired to chase your dream in full throttle. As they say, when you go after something with all your heart and mind, the universe has no choice but to award
it to you.

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