#CheckThisOut-12 Similarities Between A Toddler And A Drunk Friend!

A few days back I had the fortunate chance of babysitting my little nephew. He is a cuddly little creature who has just learned to walk and has mastered the art of speaking fluent gibberish.

While trying to keep him entertained and well fed, I often found myself saying the same things that I say to my drunk friends late in the night when the intoxication reaches the level of ‘mein beer hu’ and ‘tu mera bhai hai.’

That epiphany led to a startling realization, drunk people and toddlers are quite similar, you know. If you try observing them and the way you have to look after them, you will agree with me too.

Need an example? I will give you many.

Presenting 12 things that goes for both a toddler and to a drunk friend and it will make complete sense:

1. When they are tired, they can fall asleep ANYWHERE.

1 (4)


2. And like kids, our drunk friends can talk to anyone

2 (2)


3. The sense of hygiene is low in both of them I guess

3 (2)


4. And you gotta be super careful with them around stairs

4 (2)


5. If we could, we would put them on a leash so they don’t disappear

5 (2)


6. They are both WAY too sensitive

6 (2)


7. And even their reflection can be amusing to them

7 (1)


8. Their volume suddenly surpasses the permitted decibels

8 (1)


9. Their favorite track needs to be played a hundred times over. AT LEAST!

9 (2)


10. Apparently both drunk people and toddlers hate clothes

10 (3)


11. To save any disasters, you got to keep the cell phone away from them



12. Try to explain it to them that they can’t have more. The hell sure can break loose.

12 (1)

Was I right or was I right? ?

If there are some interesting ones that you think can be included here, do let us know in the comments section.

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