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After holding a meeting with supporters on Tuesday, ex-Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab convener, Sucha Singh Chhotepur, is going to be venturing on his ‘Punjab Parivartan Yatra’. He will also be seeking their assistance in deciding the future course of action in state politics.

As a part of his ‘Yatra’, Sucha Singh, will be holding meetings with each district of the state’s supporters. In an interview with HT on Sunday, Chhotepur claimed that he would not stop serving the good people of Punjab who have and continue to support him in his hour of crisis during and after being sacked from AAP’s Punjab convener by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

Calling out Kejriwal for his alleged distrust in the Punjabi leaders and workers of AAP, Chhotepur also went on to say that the AAP convener worked as “Hitler” and did not care much for what others had to say.

Parivartan Yatra

Aam Aadmi Party volunteers raising slogans against their Delhi team outside the zonal office in Amritsar on Sunday after removing the banners of national convener Arvind Kejriwal. (HT photo)

Chhotepur also alleged that Kejriwal in fact did not want him to be seen as a top leader of the party in Punjab. He also said that though he had been appointed as Punjab’s AAP convener, he was not provided with any office space, staff, funding, treasurer or bank account.

Chhotepur said that the collection he had made from the people, roughly Rs 22 lakh, he handed completely to Kejriwal for which he had not issued any form of receipt.

After accusing Arvind Kejriwal for misusing Delhi public money, Chhotepur also questioned his use of a helicopter to fly down from Delhi to Punjab or his party activities.

As former Punjan AAP convener, Chhotepur said that he was never taken into confidence regarding big or small decisions for appointments that were to be held in Punjab. Chhotepur also spoke out about how he was not consulted on either of the two lists of party candidates – the first containing names of 19 candidates and the other containing a list of 13 candidate names for the upcoming Punjab Vidhan Sabha elections.

Similarly, Kejriwal announced 13 zone observers and 47 sector in-charges in the state without his knowledge, Chhotepur added.

He alleged that AAP was in fact a one-man party and that even the posters that were sent from Delhi for the party’s Punjab events, functions and rallies had only Kejriwal’s pictures.

After the sting operation held against Chhotepur by his own party members, a notice was allegedly issued by the party to him on corruption charges seeking a reply within ten days, however Chhotepur claims that he did not receive any such notice.

Moreover, it would have been meaningless since he was not returning to the AAP under any circumstances.


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