Conflicting view of politicians on drug issue

The political parties in Punjab have been working hard to gain the grounds for the coming assembly polls. An issue of drugs has been raised across the state by the political parties. The prominent political parties have been raising the issue of drugs and claiming to eliminate the problem across the state.

When the political parties are making promises to people about the elimination of drugs across the state, there are few leaders among those parties who have been raising a different point.

A new idea has presented by the politicians of the parties for the legalisation of opium, poppy husk and marijuana. The AAP parliamentarian from Patiala, Dharamvir Gandhi had given his statement a few months back that he would move a private member’s bill in the monsoon session of Parliament to amend the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act of 1985 for it.

Gandhi had supported the legalisation of the drugs like opium, poppy husk and marijuana in Punjab. In the bill, he had made a blueprint so that if amended then these three things would be legalised to sell in the Punjab.

The AAP party has been claiming to fight against the drugs menace in Punjab and the party’s parliamentarian is coming up with the absurd ideas of legalising the opium, poppy husk and marijuana in Punjab. It is astonishing when a party is talking about the eradication of drugs from the state and the party’s parliamentarian has come out with other solution of the legalisation of the drugs like opium, poppy husk and marijuana.

On the other hand, Taran-Taran district Congress President Sukhpal Singh Bhullar in a public rally had told that if the Congress party forms the government, opium and poppy husk would be legalised in the state.

Bhullar had given his statement in the presence of Capt Amarinder Singh in Amritsar during a huge public gathering. Son of former Cabinet Minister and senior Congress leader Gurchet Singh Bhullar, Sukhpal is a staunch supporter of Capt Amarinder Singh.

In this case, the leader is differing from his party as the Punjab Congress has been claiming to uproot the problem from the state after forming the government.

A new concept on drugs has been raised by the leaders of those political parties who have taken a pledge to fight against the problem of drugs.

However, no particular case study or research has proved that Punjab has been facing the menace of drugs. A study conducted by the country’s top medical institute AIIMS has revealed that Punjab has only .06 per cent drug users in the state. A state having a population of 2.7 crores has only .06 per cent of drugs users. The issue of drugs has been exaggerating by the political parties for their political gains. However, their personal interests are damaging the reputation of a state where there is no problem of drugs.

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