David Irvine Re-direct’s Pop-Culture Characters to life!

David Irvine is the talented artist behind the Gnarled Branch. The self-professed illustrator and crafter is known for his whimsical furniture, his Gothic sculptures and what he describes as ‘Re-Directed Paintings’.

David Irvine, using his magic and imagination, has set out to change the outlook of idyllic theft-store paintings an interesting touch by “re-directing” them and adding various pop-culture book, movie and TV characters.

Some of the characters added to his “Re-Directed Paintings” seem to clash with and invade their surroundings, but others seem to fit right in. Impressively, he works in a variety of media, and does a great job of copying the original artist’s style in almost every painting he “visits.”

Check out some of his interesting work below

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