Deep Discovery: Beautiful Portraits Mixing Double Exposure and Animated GIFs

Here is Deep Discovery, some beautiful portraits mixing double exposure and animated GIFs, in which natural elements like waves or smoke symbolize movement, feelings and energies. A nice way to remember that we are part of the universe and that the universe is part of us. This new series is the second part of the Visual Philosophies project created by designers and Lucas Ighile and Ayla El-Moussa, who together form the duo 25th Century.

While it is not a true doubleexposure, the style was popularized by “True Detectives” TV series which used this technique in its opening credits.

“Scientists and spiritual minds have told us for decades that the universe is within us,” Ighile and El-Moussa explain on their site. “Since the odds of exploring outer space as an astronaut are not favorable, we have decided to explore the universe within us. As well as a place we know less about than the cosmos: the ocean. We present to you our next series: deep discovery.”

More info: | Instagram (h/t: fubiz)

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