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Find Out The Right Bra Size For You!

Face it, a fabulous bra that makes you look incredible can definitely help bring a bounce to your step, even if nobody can see it – it’s like your own naughty little secret. A bra that fits like a glove can do wonders for your appearance and even has the ability to make you look thinner and taller. Whether you’re looking for an everyday one, or a sexy style, we help you find the perfect bra for your boob type. Follow this guide to add some zest to your chest!

Awesome A-Cup Ladies

You’re lucky enough to not really bother about annoying underwires that dig into your skin.

Find The Perfect Bra

Everyday Bra: You need a bra with soft, cotton cups and a wide elastic band with wireless comfort. If you’re looking to add a little cleavage, look for a push-up bra with cups that push your boobs from the side towards the centre. This Hanes Molded Wire Free Bra is perfect for your shape.

Sexy Bra: You’re blessed with modest cleavage that will never look OTT no matter what the extent of the push-up or how low the neckline. To make your twins look fuller, try a padded, push-up that can help you fake being a B-cup. Get one in a bold print if you’re feeling extra wild. We love this Pretty Secrets Neon Pink Incredible Extreme Lift Push Up Bra.

Beautiful B-Cup Ladies

Not too big, but not too small either, you don’t need to worry about faking some cleavage as you have just the right amount.

Find The Perfect Bra

Everyday Bra: A cotton t-shirt bra that is seamless and doesn’t show any telltale traces below a top. You can try a demi bra with wide straps for plenty of support while bringing an appropriate amount of sexiness to your girls for the day time. A bra like Hanes T-shirt Bra is perfect for you.

Sexy Bra: Flaunt what you’ve got and take advantage of the fact that they are modest but capable to be taken to full-on sexy with a plunging bra with a hint of push up or foam padding. Pair it with a dress or top with slightly low neckline to feel incredibly sexy and really get heads turning. A bra like Triumph Multiway Lace Plunge Underwired Bra is what we’re talking about.

Captivating C-Cup Ladies

You’re blessed with a voluptuous chest and never need to bother with trying extra hard to get your girls out there.

Find The Perfect Bra

Everyday Bra: A lightly padded, underwired cotton bra is super soft and provides plenty of support during your daily activities. Something like this Enamor Lightly Padded Satin Bra should be your everyday go-to.

Sexy Bra: A wired bra with a slight push up to give your girls a slight lift is what you need. Experiment with bright colours and lace trimmings to really get pulses racing. Try something like Penny Lightly Padded Bra With Contour Cups.

Dazzling D-Cup Ladies

For you, it’s all about support; comfort and making sure that your ta-tas sit upright and not face downwards.

Find The Perfect Bra

Everyday Bra: Look for underwired, full-coverage bras with a strong, wide band at the back, narrow bands will just cut into your skin. Foam-lined cups, super soft and stretchable straps and microfiber fabric will provide you with amazing support and comfort without indenting into your skin. Satin trims can help make you feel sexy. Try Coucou Comfort Curve Cup Full Coverage Wired Bra. You can also opt for minimizing bras that help play down your large size, without flattening your assets.

Sexy Bra: Full support bras with demi cups or a deep plunge with sheer detailing and lace trimmings (that cover up spillage) or fun t-shirt bras with satin, lace and bow detailing and racy prints can help stir things up in the bedroom. We love this Penny Goddess Sheer Lace Underwired Bra for plenty of saucy support.

Moving Beyond The Cups

Moving Beyond The Cups

“Separated” Breasts: This is the most common type of breast type where the gap between your boobs is wide enough to fit two or three fingers. Most bras will suit you as they are designed keeping in mind this common breast type. You can opt for a push-up bra to bring your boobs closer together and create some cleavage and lift.

“Splayed” Breasts: These are like separated breasts except they splay outwards. Plunging style, full-coverage bras and triangular-shaped bras are what you should look for to help provide shape and bring your girls closer together. You need plenty of side support, so definitely opt for underwires.

Touching Breasts: If the gap between your girls is minimal, which means that they brush against each other then consider yourself lucky for your natural cleavage. You need to look for an underwired style with a centre-connecting piece (known as the ‘gore’) that isn’t too long, to fit with your breast type. If it is extra long, then it will jut outwards and make the wire dig into your body.

Wide-Set Breasts: Characterized by a gap that is even wider than a 3-finger width, your breasts are far apart, making it pretty difficult to create cleavage. Demi-cup bras are ideal for this breast type as they generally have wider space in between the cups and also help play up your boobs and create some cleavage.  Underwired bras are not for you as they aren’t made to accommodate such a wide gap in the centre, making them extremely uncomfortable to wear. But if you do need that extra support, look for one with a wider gore.

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