For AAP, Punjab Now a Hurdle Race

The Aam Aadmi Party is trapped into the insider-outsider web of rival parties. After hastily removing off its Punjab convener Sucha Singh Chhotepur, the party leadership seems to be retreading its strategy.

Booting out Chhotepur, the party not only lost its most imminent Sikh face but in the process gave him an opportunity to indict the party leadership for not respecting the ethos of local communities and running the party through outsider Delhi-based leaders.

The party’s strive to bring in cricketer-turned-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu to brighten the fading chances hasn’t helped the cause.

Congress chief Amarinder Singh said, he is evident that the non-Punjabi AAP leaders use scornful and derogatory language against the Sikh leaders and even makes fun of religious symbols. Kejriwal has also seen poking fun at Sikh leaders.

If media reports are to be believed, Punjab is never a cakewalk for AAP. It is all the hype created around to shore up the morale of their cadres who are feeling dispirited after the fissures in the party had come to the fore.

Kejriwal must be aware that his popularity is on the wane now. Also, it is alleged that AK remains busy in forming baseless and false allegations on the others rather fulfilling his said commitments. AAP talks about removing Bhrashtachar (corruption) but their own squad is stained with same.

Under AAP, Punjab can never grow or flourish. The novice (or childlike) player in the political ground, AAP lacks all the essential traits to gain the power.

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