#HappyBirthdayAkki:10 Reason why Akshay Kumar Proves To Be An Inspiration for Millennials

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar was in the news early this month for giving the third highest bollywood earner of 2016 with Rustom. The actor, who has seen failure as many times as success, has never stopped being a source of inspirations to millions of his fans. a journey so unique and admiring, starting out as an action hero, Akshay Kumar’s trajectory in the film industry has surprised many in-spite of being severely criticized him for his weak voice, zero acting skills and no distinct usp to boast of, but, Akshay’s career has been one of the most astonishing success stories.

Today the on his 48th birthday, we give you 10 reasons why, even after completing 25years in bollywod, the actor still remains to be an absolute “khiladi”

Here’s to celebrating Akshay Kumar Awe-Inspiring Attitude On his Birthday!

  1. something no one can ignore, the man ros from scratch. from the cramped streets of Chandni Chowk to being a chef in Bangkok, and ultimately one of the highest paid actors in bollywood, Akshay made it to the top without any Godfather, all thanks to his dedication and hard work.
  2. He failed time and again but never gave up onhis way to the top. Akshay kumar hardly tasted any success in his take-off years in bollywood. as many as 17-18 of his movies bombed at the box office and the critiques wrote him off as a failed actor. For the longest time, he wasn’t recognized at the filmfare awards. But his resilience took everything face-front and today, and his tremendous success as an actor proves that ‘failure breeds success’.
  3. Family before everything! And nobody but Akshay stands as an ideal example of a real family man. More than a decade into matrimony with Twinkle khanna and blessed with two children, Akshay has always been vocal about his love for his family.
  4. His never-say-never attitude earned him the tag of being a versatile actor. Akshay’s movies stand tall as proof of the fact that he has never shied away from taking up roles that were out of his comfort zone. Started from action, then tried romantic roles, and finally, made us laugh with his comic timing. Akshay has proven his mettle in all genres of cinema.
  5. His dedication to fitness hardly needs to be spoken about. While half of his acting peers are busy getting botox and other cosmetic facelifts, Akshay still clocks in his daily run and cardio exercises. Apart from kickboxing, basketball and swimming, Akshay has developed love for the very physically-demanding sport parkour. Doing parkour at the age of 47 speaks a lot about his amazing fitness level. Akshay is a sixth-degree black belt and still practises martial arts. One look at the superstar is enough to get all gym motivation back in line!
  6. He’s a great example of a responsible citizen. Not only is he an undisputed actor, he is also one of the most sincere taxpayers of bollywood. Since 2013, Akshay has paid over 20 crores in taxes. Last year, Akshay was applauded all over india when he got down from his car in the middle of a traffic jam upon spotting a person throwing litter from his car.
  7. Unlike his bollywood peers, akshay has never been fond of controversies.  Twenty years into the industry, he can still boast of a clean record, and that in itself is a herculean task. just recall when he appeared on ‘koffee with karan’ and shut down karan johar when he tried asking him controversial questions! That’s an example of a man who has risen above stupid stuff and prefers to let his work do the talking.
  8. He has kept up with changing times. Not only has akshay’s approach towards his movies evolved, he is also well aware of the internet age we live in. be it facebook or twitter, akshay has been pro-active on both the social platforms and routinely interacts with his fans.
  9. Whether it is comedy, action, drama, mystery or any other genre. You name it, he’ll do it. in the man’s own words, “versatile role helps me to be on my toes.” whether it is innate sense to make us laugh, or his ability to do intense roles or to play the role of an action hero superbly, Akki has always managed to entertain his audience with his every movie.

While many actors have explored the theme of patriotism in their movies, no one has done as many of them as Akki has. He has done 5 back to back awe-inspiring movies which have not only centered on nationalism but have also made him the poster boy of patriotism in bollywood.

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