Hollow Slogans and Fake Promises Constitute AAP

The graph of  Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leadership in Punjab appears to be dipping as it gets into the trap of controversies and infighting.

Stating AAP as a party of hollow slogans and fake promises, the counter party dared Arvind Kejriwal (the AAP convener) to display any single contribution of AAP towards the development of the state or the nation in general.

The AAP party is alleged to be a bunch of defectors or opportunists who are hopping from one party to another following their selfish interests. They have done nothing good for the state and its people.

Kejriwal claimed to upgrade the agricultural scenario of Punjab, but in reality he is not even aware of the basics of farm, farming and village life of the state.

In Punjab, the majority of population lives in the villages so could it be run by a party whose leaders are not versed with the core issues faced by the people residing in villages.

The AAP leadership is accused of being ignorant to the basic geography of the state. Kejriwal possesses an anti-Punjab mindset with the kind of stand taken by his Govt. on the SYL (Satluj Yamuna Link) issue reflects it all.

The party is also accused of not respecting the ethos of local community while running the show through Delhi based leaders.  Even their move to bring Navjot Singh Sidhu (the former BJP-MP) in AAP hasn’t helped them.

With AAP getting repeatedly in controversies, their chance to win fades away. Now the responsibility comes on to the public of Punjab to decide the fate of the state while casting a vote judiciously.

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