It took few months for Arvind Kejriwal from being very popular to extremely unpopular as far as youth is concerned. The reason is simple enough – Kejriwal promised moon to Delhi youth and delivered nothing.

Kejriwal’s main plank to lure youth was free WIFI in entire city. Free WIFI can easily be considered as extremely powerful lure in recent times. Besides free WIFI, AAP came with slew of populist promises like creating 8 Lakh jobs, 10 lakh vocational training opportunities, setting up 20 colleges, 500 schools and sports facilities across city.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in his ‘Delhi Dialogue’ had wooed young voters in the National Capital with top-class education, job generation, skill development, and what not. But with 16 months past since Arvind Kejriwal formed government in Delhi, the youth of national capital are angry staring at all the undelivered promises and AAP government’s indifferent attitude.

Leave aside the AAP promise of making Delhi, a WIFI city, lack of job opportunities in Delhi have left them frustrated. Incubation centres at all the colleges of the Capital city as promised by AAP ahead of elections in Delhi, are still in limbo. Youth are still waiting for Kejriwal to provide them financial support to start their projects.

Ahead of elections in Punjab, AAP in its youth chapter of Delhi Dialogues had laid special emphasis on focusing on skill development of youth and train them in new areas. Emphasizing the role of sports, AAP was committed to not only create and upgrade the sports infrastructure, but also adopt the best talents and promote them.

AAP party was committed to develop sports infrastructure in far-flung villages of NCR region. But so far there has been no headway to any of the youth centric pre-poll promises. Frustration of youth is quite understandable under such circumstances.

Taking cue from Greek saying, “to win a person’s heart, serve him the aromatic savory of his choice”, Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party applied the same during its election campaign assuming that promises win elections and hearts. But, it forgot the basic principle; undelivered promises make you lose you the next election. They are in for a big trouble in Punjab if they present the cut-paste replica of Delhi’s undelivered youth promises.

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