Kapil Mishra Writes To Delhi To Fight Against Dengue And Chikungunya

Amidst, all the fiasco of blaming one another of either being negligent or being powerless, Aam Aadmi Party Minister Kapil Mishra writes open letter, urges everyone serious about Delhi’s well-being to come together in the fight against dengue and chikungunya.


“We need to rise above petty politics and joins hands to fight against these diseases. Delhities together are capable of making miracles happen. Let us all take a pledge. For the sake of a healthier Delhi, let us put aside our differences and unite to emerge as a force that can rid the city of mosquitoes and other ailments.  

Seven AAP MPs, 70 MLAs and 272 councillors can come together to finish this task. We need to take charge of our responsibilities. Every municipal councillor, every MLA and MP needs to understand their role.   

I propose that all municipal councillors and MLA must take to the streets today evening. Hold door-to-door campaigns, carry out fogging and cleanliness exercises wherever possible. Hold counselling sessions on how people can fight dengue, chikungunya and other illnesses. They must hold a huge public awareness campaign. If the municipalities face a dearth of resources, then they must all get together to address that shortage. The only goal must be finding a solution, not try to slur each other.

All Aam Aadmi Party MPs must lead this drive. They must talk to councillors or MLAs in each ward in their Lok Sabha constituencies, seek reports on the current status and chart a strategy on the way forward. The MPs must take the initiative in lesser-known or inaccessible areas. Such prompt steps will add a great deal of positivity to the campaign and energise the same.

I appeal to workers of all parties to make this a common goal for Delhi’s welfare.

It’s time we stop quibbling about who’s done or not done what. Not to ask and argue over who has carried out their assigned tasks responsibly and who have, even in relative terms, shirked work. This tendency of fault-finding with each other can wait for another day. For now, let’s pitch in where someone else may have lacked so that the ‘Clean Delhi’ mission is overall successful.”

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