MTV Splitsvilla 8 Contestant Gaurav Arora Sheds Away His Manly Demeanor – Enter Gauri Arora!!!

Even in this time and era, where homosexuality is very much a part of our society. Yet, there’s still a taboo that surrounds this topic when it comes to talking about it or even for that matter coming out and accepting it.

It requires a lot of courage for a person to accept conflicting ideas about themselves but it takes hell lot of bravery to come and admit it on the national television.

And, former Splitsvilla contestant, Gaurav Arora is the perfect pinnacle of it. Gaurav was the part of the Splitsvilla 8 of MTV channel and during his tenure in the show; he already won our hearts with his open admission of being bisexual and accepting to have feelings for his male contestant.

After the show ended, gaurav has now embraced his new true self, and undergone a sex-change. And with open arms we welcome his bombshell beauty Gauri Arora!

And if you thought only he changed his looks, well listen up! The man has ditched his shoes for high heels and has traded off his manly wardrobe for elegant pieces meant for women and yes, bras too; the man has boobs now after all!

The confidence with she has come out to the world in her avtar is awe-inspiring! And, we have to say …she looks fabulous!

Check out her new avatar!


mtv-splitsvilla-8-contestant-gaurav-arora-sheds-away-his-manly-demeanor-enter-gauri-arora-1 2.
mtv-splitsvilla-8-contestant-gaurav-arora-sheds-away-his-manly-demeanor-enter-gauri-arora-4 3.




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