Navjot Singh Sidhu tumbles between AAP & Congress like a Rolling Stone

The political game in Punjab turns sour with the emergence of Navjot Singh Sidhu’s led Awaaz-e-Punjab. After a massive hue and cry and contemplation of playing it as an independent political entity, the speculations are now high for its coalition with either Congress or AAP in the state!

A cricketer-turned-politician Sidhu is still perplexed to either go with Congress or AAP. As he knows neither party is competent! The recent track of the parties in the state is quite miserable.

The notable politician (who once swore to never be a politician) Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party has already lost the sheen in recent days and Kejriwal isn’t a happy camper anymore. On the flip side, the title of Maharaja of Patiala with a royal lineage wouldn’t help Amarinder Singh to garner votes for the Congress.

Both the parties are eying to catch Sidhu who may acts as the savor!

With no party is capable enough to play it all alone in the state, the powerful political coalition is the need of the hour to compete the strong BJP-Akali tie.

Navjot Singh Sidhu is quite famous among the masses with his captivating personality and powerful speech. But when it comes to action, he failed poorly. His former political graph points down as he did nothing to serve the people who voted for him. He kept himself busy in Cricket commentaries and comedy shows. The kind of irresponsible behavior by Sidhu led to serious dissent among the masses in his constituency.

He is more of a TV personality now than a political thinker. Like Mr. Kejriwal who was meant to be a great hope of things turned out to be a less than a mediocre, Sidhu would also turned out to be the same.

And after talking really hard against AAP’s Kejriwal, if he decides to join the party, would only shows his real character. He would be like any other politician who sees his own benefit.

Also, let’s hope his false bonhomie from the TV doesn’t turn the Awaaz into a tower of jabber!!

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