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‘New Mom Comics’ Describing How Beautiful Parenthood Can Be !!!

Having a baby is life-changing, and no one realizes that better than parents having a child for the first time. Suddenly, there is this ‘bundle of joy’ that everyone wants to love, hug and pet, and who just drives away every other important discussion or decision in the world. The reality of the situation is, beyond all of the cutesy, lovable stuff that babies are representative of, that every baby is actually rather irksome, helpless, and given the lack of experience, pretty much a nightmare to be with all the time.

Well, evidently not so if you’re an artist like Alison Wong. When Alison and her husband had their first child, she decided to illustrate instances from their new life in a series called ‘New Mom Comics’. Every one of the comics in the series describes the many funny, strange and tiring situations you’d come across when you become a parent for the first time. Chaotic, to say the least, but still, every bit worth it; or so Wong’s comics suggest.

As the comics suggest, the struggle is real. Very real. But as Wong illustrates in every one of her comic strips, having a child is a tiring yet enriching process. Well, at least most times. 🙂

1. Rings, necklaces, knees cracking… all would wake up the baby!


2. I originally thought my hand numbness was an epidural side effect! Don’t Google “hand numbness” (or anything, really) because you always assume the worst reading that stuff.


3. As the little guy is now on solids, these happen less now, but they can be epic!


4. It’s amazing when your baby goes down by himself without you doing anything! My husband and I have a little dance we do.


5. Friends and family have given us such nice outfits and early on I naively packed away many clothes thinking, oh, these are waay too big! And only later I realize that he has already outgrown many of them. Oops!


6. Ever find yourself constantly deleting photos off your phone of your little one to get more space? I had to upgrade to get the biggest storage available! Too bad that’s not as easy to do for our living space…


7. After this, I got a headrest mirror, but I sometimes still worry! It’s hard to win!

ym 7

8. I couldn’t believe that I wouldn’t see the doctor for two whole months at the beginning, and even made an appointment at three months to see her for some random reason. But, funny how you do get the hang of it!


9. Ha, teething is my answer to everything. Yeah, okay, so he only has one, but they say some take months to come in! 🙂


10. Funny how I got caught up in milestones and thought he was “behind.” Before you know it, they start doing the thing you wanted them to, and you kind of miss the days they didn’t!


11. He definitely said “Dada” first, and “Mama” came later, usually with wanting something! I guess I’ll take what I can get.


12. Thought I’d make this comic in color, his first birthday is such a milestone! Sometimes you feel like you just want to pause time. -And that’s why I started this comic. It helps me save these little moments and am thankful for the memories.


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