Ranveer Singh Talks About Deepika Padukone And His Idea of Romance

Ranveer Singh is sizzling on the cover of hello magzine’s September cover, and it’s of surprise the guy has been giving us some serious Relationship Goals. This time around too, Ranveer spills some beans about his ladylove and luck, deepika padukone  and his idea of romance

“Having had a sports background, she’s someone you love having on your team as she’s thoroughly professional; she is clinical in her execution, you will never find a unit burdened by any issues from her end.”

He further added:

She’s an ace actor in terms of functionality, and in terms of the creative aspect, I create tremendously acting opposite her. I found in our first movie, Ram-Leela, that she is totally an honest actor. And so generous and open-hearted.


On his idea of Romance:

I do find the current scenario strange. I was born in 1985 so I’ve seen a kind of miniature revolution in how interpersonal relationships are. There was a time when there was none of this technology and relationships dynamics were different. That being my foundation, yes, I am very traditional when it comes to romance. And the idea of romance. Maybe perhaps I was born more recently and Facebook and Snapchat were more prevalent, I would have a different idea. But having been born in an era where there weren’t even mobile phones, that makes my idea of romance very,very traditional.

Sigh! Isn’t he just perfect?!


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