Sharing a bed with your significant other isn’t all kisses and cuddles, it involves lot of sweat as well.

Jacob Andrews is a Brooklyn based artist who created illustrations for ‘College Humour’ to show the struggle of sleeping with another person. His series is called “The 6 Stages Of Sleeping With Another Person”

1. The Golden Time

2. Sweat Everywhere

3. Too Close Or Too Far Away

4. Worst Nightmare- Weird Angles

5. Unusual Habits

6. Missing Good Old Times Of Sleeping Alone

Andrews, who has been in a relationship for six months, said he was inspired by dating someone with odd sleep habits and having some bedtime quirks of his own.

The pros and cons of sharing a bed, according to the artist?

“Definitely just the comforting feeling of having someone else there,” he said. “It’s nice to wake up in the morning with someone next to you. The worst part is probably the space constraints. I like to really spread out diagonally on the bed, and that becomes difficult to do when there’s another human hogging all the good space.”

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