Student politics showing the way for mainstream politics

Student politics showing the way for mainstream politics

The student politics in the colleges and varsities in the country has been the steeping stone for the student leaders to enter into mainstream politics in the country.

There are lot examples in the Indian political system where the political leaders come from the student politics. If we talk about the student leaders who became the top politicians in the country, then the list would not end as the majority of the leaders started their careers from college or varsity level politics.

Our finance minister Arun Jaitley started his career in Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad in the seventies and he became the president of the ABVP’s Delhi university students union. He polished his skills in his varsity days, which helped him become a mainstream politician.

The External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj had also started her career in ABVP at Panjab University, Chandigarh where she graduated in Law degree. She started her career in the early seventies and now she has been playing a major role in country’s top most political post.

Rajiv Pratap Singh Rudy, the BJP MP from Saran Lok Sabha constituency was a student leader of Punjab University in the early eighties. Rajesh Pilot, the former Congress leader had started his career with the youth wing of Congress party and he rose to greater heights in mainstream politics.

The prominent Congress leader A K Antony had started his career as the student leader in the late sixties and became the defence minister in the Congress government.

Nitish Kumar, the incumbent Chief Minister of Bihar was also a student leader and Ram Vilas Paswan, who is an incumbent minister in NDA government had also initiated his career from his college days. Paswan was the only leader who had won his maiden parliamentary election with a huge margin which is considered as one of the biggest victories in the world.

The scene of current student politics is different as compare with the older times. Today’s students suffer from identity crisis and lack individuality. In such scenario, they often fall prey to bigger political game.

Student politics nurture the skills in the student leaders and the platform trains them to handle all situations. In India, the student leaders from student wing parties of the political parties are often seen as messengers to carry on agenda of their parent party. Even in the college or varsity level elections, the political parties decide the final decision of alliance with the other student organisations.

The student leaders should not be dependent on their political leaders and moreover, they should make a healthy environment so that other students could be encouraged and they could choose politics as a career.

The student leaders would have to come out from the thinking of contesting the elections.They can play an important role in nation building if they use the platform well.

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