Sunny Leone Turns Author With Her First Short Story Collection- “Sweet Dreams”

The former adult entertainment-star-turned-actress Sunny Leone after winning hearts by  her spinning stint in Bollywood, has now donned a new hat. A publication house called ‘Juggernaut’ recently released a collection of 12 erotic stories written by Leone, titled ‘Sweet Dreams’. Apparently, writing erotic romance was on the actress’s mind since a long time and when she got this opportunity, she took it up as a challenge.


The unique part about Leone’s book is that it will available on your phone via the newly launched Juggernaut Books app. The first of the seven stories, which will be released today, is titled Seat 7E. In fact, reports suggest that one can also ‘listen’ to the short stories at 10 pm daily. The book is priced at Rs 50. The book has so far received 4 out of 5 ratings.

Sunny Leone was quoted by The Times of India

“I loved the idea of reaching out to my fans in this fun and original way on the mobile. I thought it would work very well, and make for an interesting experience….The stories are told from the points of view of both genders. Through them, I also wanted to show that both men and women feel emotions and desires equally.”

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