Boy Changing the Way We Think about Life

As a person who is very active on social media, I tend to scroll through a lot of important/sensational/heart-warming things every day. During one such session, I came across the story of Nihal on Humans of Bombay that, in a matter of 120 seconds, changed my life.

I am aware that India is a country of over 1.2 billion. It’s very easy to not care about these millions, assuming they are just as ordinary as us. And then you meet someone like Nihal and realize just how wrong you are. Here’s a child who’s faced and won more battles in 14 years of his existence than what an average person would face in their whole life.

Nihal’s story is yet another reminder of the power that rests with cinema in India. For Nihal, Taare Zameen Par was not just a movie. Aamir Khan inspired the little one, and now the Internet has joined forces to make Nihal meet his hero. Similarly, he mentions Paa, which was the first movie to bring Progeria to mainstream media. Here’s hoping that our filmmakers, someday, realize the power that rests with them.

Thank you, Humans of Bombay , for bringing these stories to us. Please take five minutes to show Nihal some love here .

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