This Video Captures Teenagers’ Struggles With Body Image, and It’s Painfully Accurate

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Earlier today, Zainab Chugtai, the founder of Bullyproof Pakistan, shared a video featuring five teenage girls sharing their struggles with body image. In less than five minutes, it will make you realize how unbelievable painful growing up can be for girls who don’t fit into the society’s strict standards of beauty.

All the girls in the video sound like girls we know, girls we were at some point in our life, which is the reason the video makes such an impact. At one point, one of them shares how no 14-year-old should have to hear a statement like, “Yeh moti hai, ab iske liye rishte nahi aayenge,” and we couldn’t agree more.

These accounts just prove why every step towards body positivity needs to be promoted aggressively. We’ve done that before, and we’ll continue doing that in the future, too.

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