Watch Marion Cotillard Confronts Sexiest Objectification In This Hard Hitting Spoof!!

Ever tried having a conversation with a guy and noticed that he can’t make eye contact because he’s too busy staring at your chest? Well who am I kidding; ofcourse must have had a couple of incident to say so. But if you are tired and sick of being sexually objectified at your workplace, Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard brings you just what you need. She unveils the new product aimed to get colleagues to look you in the eye: The Forehead Tittaes. Simply stick the plastic breasts to your head and wait for your boss to take you more seriously. This should definitely work.


Enter ‘Forehead Tittaes’, the French-sounding solution to all your worries. If it sounds ludicrous and kind of impossible…well, because it is. It’s a great parody of the constant micro-aggressions that women face at work including, but not limited to, constant sexual objectification.

So, watch this and shut their traps once and for all!

I don’t know how Funny Or Die continues to get celebrities to humiliate themselves in the most hilarious way possible, but they do, and they do it well.

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