What Chhotepur’s exit from AAP tells us about the party

Removal of Sucha Singh Chhotepur from the post of Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) state convener last week has caused resentment within the party with many factions of the party rising in arms against the top brass against the move. Virtually causing a ripple effect, the party is finding it tough to contain the growing anger of party leaders from state cadre.

Political observers feel that blatant silence of AAP’s top leadership from Kejriwal to downwards, is the reason behind the resentment within the party.  The constant silence of national convener and Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal has turned things from bad to worse.

Punjab is the only state, which gave the rookie party four parliamentary berths in the last general elections despite facing major poll drubbing across the country. But the local party leaders from Punjab have felt ignored right immediately after the elections.

Three out of four party MPs had expressed their resentment against the dictatorship style functioning of the party. They also felt that the party doesn’t follow any internal democracy and the party continued to draw flak for ignoring Punjab’s local leadership.

The local leaders of AAP could never accept outsiders led by state in-charge Sanjay Singh and organizational head Durgesh Pathak. “Leave Punjab to Punjabis” – is the sound echoed by local leaders. They feel that their hands were tied, as they could not take any decisions with regards to party affairs in the state. Singh and Pathak are virtually taking all the shots of party affairs with crucial decision being left to AAP supremo, Arvind Kejriwal.

National parties establish state affair in charge to coordinate the party work within the state and work as an intermediary between state and central leadership. This has not been the case with AAP, where state affair in charge is virtually taking all the decision. This has left the local leaders suffocated and being pushed against the wall.

Revelation of Chhotepur has exposed party’s autocratic and hypocratic stance.  Chhotepur confessed that he was asked to lie to media that he was shown the party’s youth manifesto before releasing it officially. Put in a catch 22 situation, Chhotepur didn’t want to take responsibility of fiasco caused over manifesto, as he was not shown the final copy before publicly releasing it.

Chhotepur’s revelation has raised serious questions over the functioning of AAP but fingers are pointed on him as well, as he chose to deliberately keep quite till the time he was shown the doors of the party.

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