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What Will You Answer When Your Son Asks You About Masturbation? Find Out Here!

Young Indians are moving from TV shows to webseries we all know why. We are moving from Sasural Simar Ka to Permanent Roomates, these shows match the sensibity and intelligence of today’s youth.

Yesterday a new web series was launched by Y-Films and Durex called ‘Sex Chat With Pappu & Papa’, it’s a comedy show on sex education where a curious 7-year-old kid asks his dad some not-so-talked about topics related to masturbation and sex. It is not just a comedy show, it educates the viewers regarding sexual health, wellness and safety.

The show is produced and directed by Ashish Patil.

Here is what he has to say, “It’s incredible how still in the 2nd most populous country in the world, sex is such a taboo topic. Most parents clam up when having to talk to kids about the ‘birds & the bees’. Research clearly shows that sex talk with parents is directly linked to safer sexual behavior. We’re here to help get this important chat started – in 15 languages.”

The show will also open up door for conversation between parents and children on sex education.


Watch the first episode here:

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