#WhatsUpFeminista:Check Out Honey Singh’s Song “Brown Rang” With A Hilarious Twist

If you ever get a mention of the most outrageously degrading song about women, without a doubt Yo Yo Honey Singh’s name would precede it. Behind all that peppy music and catchy hip hop lies misogyny, there are lyrics that will make you cringe, if you listen closely.

But, imagine if honey singh was a feminist and all his songs and lyrics itself respects women in general?! Are you laughing already?! Well it’s no joke guys coz, SnG Comedy came up with a music video that spoofs a Yo Yo Honey Singh song “Brown Rang” with a hilarious twist

But if you really his true, you might like the change in tone and lyrics, that actually appreciates feminism. However, it’s hell lot of fun to get your groove on now!


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